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What Makes A Sauna?

There are a lot of options on the market for home or recreational spas, but there are a few unique things that set saunas apart. There are different types of sauna rooms that utilize heat and/or steam to promote relaxation and increased wellness benefits. These typically include electric and wood/smoke saunas. 

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Design & Architecture Trends Of 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has had a tremendous impact on every industry around the world, including the architecture and design industries. Globally, there has also been a shift towards cultural and societal awareness that is shaping the way people design and build. The pandemic helped to accelerate some architecture trends and raised questions about other well-established ideas.

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Market Update: Supply Chain Disruption

At Thermory, we always want you to have the latest news on the wood industry, especially when it can impact your bottom line. Our customer, Mason’s Mill & Lumber Co., recently shared a blog post on how supply chain disruption affects pricing for domestic hardwoods and plywoods. It’s a comprehensive read on the current market conditions. Check it out below.

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How Does Thermory Perform In Different Climates?

No matter where you live when you’re choosing a decking or cladding material, you’ll have to be mindful of how that material will change over time from exposure to weather. When it comes to building with real wood, heat and humidity can have a huge impact on the cellular structure, which can damage it over time in extreme environments. 

So how does Thermory hold up in extreme climates? We understand that many of you are looking for a material that will hold up no matter where you live. We want to provide the information you need, and hopefully give you some inspiration to think big and design whatever you can dream up, with fewer limitations.

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