THe Benchmark Series

Thermally modified


Weather resistant

Rot resistant

Relaxed and refined.

Warm up your space with the rich appearance of heartwood, with its distinctive knots, golden color, and natural charm. Thermory Benchmark Pine boasts decades of rot resistance for low-maintenance decking and durable cladding that transform to a stunning silver, if untreated, without sacrificing strength or stability.


Scots Pine



Benchmark Pine Decking

Build an inviting outdoor retreat with durable, softwood decking.

Benchmark Pine Cladding

Add character and warmth to your walls.

Benchmark Pine Porch FLooring

Unwind on the porch you’ve always wanted.

Thermally Modified

Heat. Steam. Cool. Done.

Thermal modification is a chemical-free process that gives you the beauty of real wood, naturally enhanced with only heat and steam for unequaled strength and stability—even in changing weather conditions. And with greater insulating properties compared to unmodified wood, our wood is never too hot on your feet.


Sustainably Sourced

The right wood. The right way.

We source all our wood using responsible forestry practices, never laying a finger on our tropical woodlands and rainforests. And wood is the only naturally renewable building material that doesn’t generate hazardous waste. So, when you choose Thermory, you’re not just investing in quality, but in the health of our planet, too.

*All certifications are held and maintained by Thermory USA’s parent company, Thermory AS.

Install with ease.

Put installation nightmares behind you with lightweight and expertly milled materials designed to solve your toughest install issues so you can work with ease and efficiency.

Thermally modified

An attractive finish with 
no visible screws

End matching

Reduces waste, saves expenses

Smooth cutting

Easy on your blades for fewer interruptions

Lightweight material

Your back and shoulders will thank you 

Benchmark Pine color transformation.

Wood’s natural aging process is influenced by how much exposure it has to the elements. The more Benchmark Pine is exposed to UV light and rain, the faster its color will transform from brown to silver—sometimes in as little as six months. To maintain your wood’s natural color outdoors, simply treat the boards with a penetrating UV protective oil.

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