Factory Finishing

For consistent coverage, color retention, and extra protection.

Whether you choose to maintain the original brown or allow your wood to age naturally, we recommend finishing prior to installation. We’ve partnered with our distributors to ensure every order can be factory finished before shipping to you. 

Protection on all sides.

Flood-system finishing allows for all 6 sides of every board to be thoroughly coated in your finish. While the surface sides may require ongoing maintenance, an initial coating of oil is enough to protect ground- or inside-facing surfaces from trapped moisture for the lifetime of your project.

Seamless application for consistent coverage.

Factory finishing ensures the initial coating of oil is applied evenly with consistent coverage—whether you’re planning to maintain your wood’s natural color or allow it to fade to silver.

Color Evolution Chart

Get started with a Thermory expert.

Maintain your wood’s smooth surface.

Finishing with a penetrating oil helps reduce checking and shaking that naturally occurs over time. By conditioning the wood, small imperfections are diminished. We’re proud of our smooth-kissed milling—and factory finishing helps it last even longer.

Hidden fixing icon

Hidden fixing

An attractive finish with 
no visible screws

End to end matching icon

End matching

Reduces waste, saves expenses

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Smooth cutting

Easy on your blades for fewer interruptions

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Lightweight material

Your back and shoulders will thank you 

Vivid Color Options

Have a specific look in mind? Get the color you want on any of our thermally modified species. Click to see your options.

Fanned out Vivid treated boards