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Ancient tradition. Modern performance.

Ignite by Thermory mimics the traditional look of shou sugi ban with the added benefits of thermal modification. Hundreds of years ago, Japanese woodworkers prolonged the life of wood by charring the surface using fire, resulting in shou sugi ban. Ignite offers the look of charred wood with additional durability, stability and reliability. Did we mention that our process is completely flame-free?

Ignite is part of the Rebel Series: sophistication untamed. The look you want, the stability you need.

Charred surface. Durable core.

Shou sugi ban is beautiful, but using it can be problematic. Only the charred surface of the wood gains additional rot and moisture resistance, leaving the rest of the board vulnerable. Because Ignite is thermally modified, each grain is altered to maximize moisture resistance, resulting in durability to the core.

The look without the torch.

Ignite is created with a deceptively flame-free process. Each board is embossed, brushed and tinted to create the signature dragon scale texture that looks nearly identical to charred wood. And unlike most modern shou sugi ban, our process is done by wood experts, not some guy with a propane torch. That also means that there is no messy residue that typically results from charring wood—just realistic texture and a bold look bound to instill envy.

The performance of Thermory.

Ignite provides a bold look that’ll set your project on fire. But it also offers the stability and durability Thermory is known for. In fact, Ignite comes with a 25-plus-year rot-resistance rating!

That’s because like all Thermory products, Ignite undergoes our expert thermal modification process. Thermory naturally enhances wood, using only heat and steam, for results that are unequalled in rot resistance and dimensional stability.

25+ years of rot resistance
Reduced absorbency

No bugs allowed

Responsibly harvested and chemical-free

Ignite Spruce Cladding

Our Ignite Spruce cladding combines the traditional look of shou sugi ban with 25+ years of rot resistance, giving you the texture of charred wood without the mess and residue.