About Us

In the late 1990s, Marko and Meelis Kajandu grew frustrated with the state of the wood industry, and began searching for a better solution. Their sustainability goals and unwillingness to compromise on quality led them to thermal modification. The problem? Standard thermal modification methods and chambers weren’t cutting it. Their ambition and drive led to a long process of trial and error as they customized chambers and mastered the process, leading to the long lasting, beautiful products Thermory is now known for. Along the way, they took a few chances and relied heavily on customer insight to ensure the products they were creating met the real needs of their customers. About 10 years after Thermory was founded, Mark Challinor and Kevin Demars recognized the need for these superior wood materials in the US. They connected with Marko and Meelis, and the rest, as they say, is history. The final result was Thermory as it is today – expertly modified hard and soft woods sourced responsibly and milled with sustainability in mind.

Thermory has been used in projects all across the globe. We have even bigger things in store, so buckle up. We’re changing the world of wood.

Our mission? Leave a lasting impact.

Thermory combines a scientific approach and functional design to create beautiful, lasting solutions for those who appreciate natural living.

Create Solutions.

Thermory creates advanced products that inspire confidence and enhance design. We anticipate the needs of our industry, and continue innovating and creating until we’ve developed the complete solution our customers deserve.

Enhance Environments.

Thermory is committed to environmental responsibility. We believe in the beauty of real wood, and strive to enhance and strengthen its natural properties through clean, responsible processes. We make decisions that lessen our footprint and promote more sustainable living environments.

Be Transparent.

We believe that beautiful design, refined products and proven results speak for themselves. That belief drives us to be honest and genuine in our service and interactions, because we trust the quality of our products, process and people.

Push Boundaries.

Thermory is never satisfied. We are constantly striving to inspire our communities to create more sustainable, functional living spaces. We are driven to consider the bigger picture with every decision we make.


The Thermory team is exactly like our products: carefully sourced, clean, responsible, natural, and completely unequalled. On our own, we’re stunning. But all together? That’s where the magic happens.


We carefully select and source our raw materials from renewable northern forests. We’re deeply invested in the quality of our products, and that means preserving nature and limiting waste is essential to our process.


Our process modifies each board completely, all the way through to the core, leading to unequalled durability and stability without sacrificing the natural qualities of real wood. At Thermory, we enhance every fiber.

The Thermory Footprint​

Thermory is committed to maintaining a company culture of responsibility.

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The Thermory Footprint

Thermory is committed to maintaining a company culture of responsibility.

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Defying Convention

Break the mold with Drift, the first product in our Rebel Series.

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Defying Convention

Break the mold with Drift, the first product in our Rebel Series.

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