Thermory USA Welcomes New North American Distributor: Stella Jones

“Our exposure has exploded over the last couple of years, but this will help expand our reach and show people you can get it where you are.” -Amber Reese, Thermory’s North American Marketing Director

Batavia, N.Y. – Thermory USA is proud to welcome a new distribution partner to their North American network. As of fall 2020, Stella Jones now has exclusive distribution of Thermory products across Canada.

This partnership will have a real impact on both contractors and customers alike; the most significant being more efficient shipping across the U.S.-Canadian border. “Smaller lift sizes, minor bundles, and a concentrated product mix makes stocking and storing Thermory a breeze, freeing up space and inventory dollars for our partners,” said Sandy Mills, National Thermory Wood Products Manager for Stella Jones. 

Additionally, this partnership expands the reach of Thermory’s superior, rot-resistant products in a variety of different climates. Mills added, “Canada has one of the most diverse and unique ecosystems on the planet. From hot and humid, to cold and dry, we see it all. Therefore, our exterior building materials really take a beating and need to stand up to all sorts of weather and climate changes. Thermory products are suitable as they are modified to withstand all the elements, resist shrinking, warping, decay, and insects.” 

With the explosion of online inquiries due to COVID-19, the partnership of Thermory and Stella Jones has streamlined processes to accommodate the needs of architects, designers, builders, and homeowners, allowing them to get quick responses on samples, pricing, and delivery.  

About Stella Jones:

Stella-Jones is North America’s leading producer of industrial pressure-treated wood products. Stella Jones manufactures and distributes railway ties, utility poles, residential lumber, and industrial wood products across the continent. 

For anyone interested in Thermory product distribution in Canada, contact Sandy Mills at [email protected]

About Thermory: Thermory is the world’s leading and largest manufacturer of thermally-modified wood. Our unique modification process uses only heat and steam to create real-wood products that combine exceptional durability and rot-resistance with a stunning aesthetic. Headquartered in Estonia, with sales in over fifty countries around the world, Thermory has been expertly modifying wood for over twenty years. To learn more, visit: or call 585-591-6590.

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