Thermory and Ha Serv Merge Companies Becoming World’s Largest Producer of Thermally-Modified Wood

Thermory and Ha Serv proudly announce the planned merger of their business operations, thus becoming the world’s leading and largest producer of thermally-modified wood. The definitive merger agreement simply furthers the collective company’s leadership position and operational efficiencies while maintaining world-class customer support and exceptional products already indicative of both brands. The current offering of Thermory products remains available throughout the U.S. and Canada via Thermory USA, with the overarching parent company – Thermory AS – still headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia.

With European-based headquarters and production facilities, Thermory is already the largest producer of thermally-modified hardwood worldwide – exporting to more than fifty countries and having over twenty years of experience in modifying wood. Ha Serv is a leading manufacturer of thermally-modified sauna materials and ready-made saunas with facilities in Estonia and Finland, the birthplace of the sauna.

“Thermory and Ha Serv are the most technically-sophisticated producers of thermally-modified wood in the world so this merger really is an exciting time in terms of future product development across all our categories,” explained Kevin DeMars – Principal of Thermory USA. “And it will immediately yield substantial savings in raw materials and production costs, allowing the overarching Thermory brand to accelerate its growth throughout the U.S. and Canada.” Thermory AS now employs more than five hundred people worldwide.

All Thermory products are produced in Estonia by the leading experts in thermally modifying wood who have been setting the industry standard for over twenty years. The innovative and unique thermal modification process uses only heat and steam to create real-wood products that combine exceptional durability and moisture resistance without sacrificing strength. The result is an all-natural and stunningly beautiful product with unrivaled rot resistance (Class 1 durability rating — 25 years or more), far superior to any unmodified wood product. Additionally, Thermory products are derived from wood species with long-term availability, performance and sustainability in mind – for the utmost in consistency and quality across all product lines.

All Thermory USA products are sold direct or through a growing network of retailers both in the U.S. and Canada. To learn more about products or inquire about dealer/distribution opportunities, visit: or call 585-250-4074.

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