Schoolhouse Jealousy: Thermory Shingles Bring A Swedish Schoolhouse To Life

Not everyone loves going to school, but this quaint schoolhouse in Sweden has used Thermory shingles to create an intriguing and appealing design sure to make it a little more fun.

When the city of Trollhättan needed to build a new schoolhouse, they wanted to create a special place for their children that was durable, sustainable, safe, and beautiful. Thermory’s thermally-modified exterior products offered all the benefits they desired, and the versatility to bring a unique design to life.

The facade of this schoolhouse on the outskirts of Trollhättan, Sweden, resembles an old Hälltrop farmhouse with dark red fiber-cement pillars and metallic Rheinzink roof cladding. The exterior uses a unique combination of Thermory Ash shingles and cladding boards to create a playful, textural contrast.

Thermory Shingles undergo the same thermal-modification process as all our products, offering much higher dimensional stability and Class 1 durability (25+ years of rot-resistance!) than unmodified wood. It’s because of these properties that Thermory Shingles can be used as cladding for a unique design aesthetic.

Shingles have been used in architecture throughout history, and recently they’ve been making a comeback. Singles are finding their way not only on roofs, but onto interiors and exteriors as modern design assets.

These Thermory Ash Shingles bring life and warmth to the schoolhouse. As Carolina Lindahl, one of the architects says, “We just like the way it looks!”

Thermory ash shingles on schoolhouse

The schoolhouse began construction in 2015 and opened its doors in 2017. The interior uses natural materials, featuring oak parquet floors, and the design takes into account the natural movement of the sun so inhabitants benefit from maximum daily sunlight. Named Mio Apple after the mio variety of apple, the design theme is, you guessed it, apples! The two-story building schools 150 students, has a full kitchen, a library, multiple recreation areas and an auditorium. With so much packed into one schoolhouse, the architects say their favorite part is the sunny yard, where students plant apple trees and enjoy the beautiful fresh air.

For a school so in-tune with nature, the aesthetic of real-wood shingles is a perfect complement. Without protective measures, both the shingles and the Thermory cladding will turn a stunning platinum silver without sacrificing durability or their weather- and rot-resistance. Like all Thermory products, these materials will last for decades and are responsibly sourced in North American or Scandinavian forests.

Mio Apple schoolhouse

Location: Trollhättan, Sweden

Architects: Contekton Arkitekter

Client: City of Trollhättan

Developer: Kraftstaden Properties

Built by: Moelven Wood Project

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