“The Great Stain Shoot-Out” by PDB

Our preferred oil for our ash and pine is Cutek® Extreme. Check out the Professional Deck Builder article below that nicely describes an almost 3 year experiment on several different oils to see why we chose this oil!

Two-dozen finishes were applied to six different types of wood decking—here’s what we learned after more than two years.

By Kim and Linda Katwijk and Sheena Klien, Professional Deck Builder

In October 2014, we began a test of two-dozen different deck finishes. Our goal? To find out if any of them were tough enough to stand up to the daily abuse that gets heaped on wood decking. We explained our methodology and reported on our nine-month observations in “The Great Stain Shoot-Out,” which was published in the October 2015 issue of PDB. We are now two and a half years into the trial—plenty of time for the elements to do their worst—and are ready to draw a few final conclusions… Read More

After 28 months, all of the finishes had faded to some degree, but Cutek® Extreme—number 4 in the photo above and the top performer in the testing— still retained most of its color, even on the ipe sample.