Muzeo signage features Thermory® PaCS cladding

In 2017, the Muzeo Museum and Cultural Center in Anaheim, California became the proud owner of a gorgeous new feature. The artfully designed Muzeo letters not only act as signage for the museum, but have also quickly become a landmark in Orange County. By searching the hashtag, #Muzeo, on social media you’ll find that the project is often photographed and featured – there has even been at least one marriage proposal in front of the feature!

The letters were all constructed from different materials; therefore, each letter had its own challenges:
M Quilted Copper
U Quilted Stainless Steel
Z First Ever 3-D Living Letter
E Rock Filled Cage
O Thermory Ash

According to Chance, “The O was one of the hardest and most challenging of the letters because its size and shape; it’s not perfectly round it’s oblong and has different radius inside and out.” The 15′ tall 8′ wide and 3′ deep O was constructed using Thermory’s PaCS system which allowed Chanclerz Custom Creations to make bends and shape the wood in ways they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to.

“The clip system also made it faster and easier to work with…” according to O’Neil, “…plus it has a void because the wood floats on the clips giving it a different look, sound and feel that I wanted to go with. The gap also helps with airflow and ensures that the wood isn’t in direct contact with the under structure.”

When asked why Thermory was chosen for this particular project, Chance noted, “I have used Thermory for other projects, mostly flat surfaces or on the floor (nothing vertical) but then I saw your PaCS system and wanted to try it out. I love the color of the product and how it looks after time with its natural patina.” He also noted that he, “loved working with Thermory and plans on using it again…”

The ash used for the project went through our unique thermal modification process. Our thermal process utilizes heat and steam; no chemicals. The wood is heated to approximately 400°F, while the process is controlled with steam. Three important changes occur:

  1. Color changes to resemble a dark, exotic wood with a silky smooth brown color throughout the entire thickness of each piece.
  2. Cellular structure of the wood is altered to reduce moisture related movement.
  3. Rot resistance is greatly enhanced to equal that of the world’s most durable tropical woods. By reducing the sugar content of the wood, we eliminate the food source for the mold and fungus that normally leads to biological decay and causes wood to deteriorate over time.

This process makes our product perfect for outdoor applications such as this.

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